Spring 2019 POP UP! Playdates - COMING SOON!

Planning is taking place in real time, so please stay tuned for details.

Exciting News! Playgroups will be taking place in a beautiful loaned location in Dorchester, Mass. 

Our play groups will feature a variety of activities that encourage pretend play, as well as utilize climbing structures and other sensory equipment to enhance mobility and balance.

Mommy & toddler yoga

Kids have flexible bodies and strong, open minds — which makes them the perfect partners for yoga! At 2 Birds No Stones we will be introducing kids to yoga at an early age and will help them connect with their thoughts while building strong, confident bodies. 

Birthday Party Space

Our indoor play space will be a great environment for children which will allow you and your child to enjoy the company of your friends and family while our party pros take care of setting up for your event.

Programs & Workshops

Children grow through play, and a fun environment facilitates the learning, creativity, and curiosity already present in our kids. 

Our workshops will engage kids in fun, socially active and creative playtime focused on developing social skills and healthy happy kids.


2 Birds No Stones is an indoor play space that provides children ages 3 – 10 years with a creative environment to engage in active play time, offers healthy programs to schools and daycare providers on a regular basis.

At 2 Birds No Stones Play Space our continuous goal is to help families grow together by building a strong community in the City of Boston.

The  2,000 – 3,000 SF play space will service children (ages 3 – 10 years), in schools & daycares, with a creative environment to engage in fun play time.

Child obesity has become prevalent in urban U.S. communities and we aim to conquer this epidemic by offering health oriented workshops, exercise and play activities for children and families.

We believe that a provide a safe, encouraging environment for children to engage in creative healthy play is top priority for both our mission and our indoor facility.


Children will engage in fun and socially active creative playtime focused on developing social skills and healthy happy kids.

Will be an 80% digital-free experience.

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